Meet the gardeners!

When two inexperienced gardeners meet and embark on a strange and confusing journey of machinery mistakes and woeful weeding, brilliant things can happen. Maybe.

Laurence has always spent his time in the dirt, whether it be crawling though the perennial borders of Arlington Square in Islington or passed out on the floor outside one of London’s many rock venues.

At the beginning of this year, he traded his career as a sound engineer for his true passion: working in plants and nature. Less tidying up audio and more tidying up flower beds.

His lowest point as a gardener and beekeeper (so far) was when a few stray bees found their way into his trousers. We’ll cut to the chase – he got stung in the balls.

Lili has always loved plants but never really found a way to make it a career – until the start of last year! Now she spends most of her time digging things up, laying turf down and sneaking off to take photos of plants.

She a proud mother of a very cheeky cat and just moved off a narrowboat as a continuous cruiser with her very corporate and very patient husband.

Her worst garden blunder was forgetting to cover her rooftop mini meadow, letting a neighbour’s cat scratch it up and do a big poo. She then put her hand in it.