Are you allergic to watering your ailing plants? Do you spend a lot of your time admiring other people’s perfect gardens? Do you own an untouched gardening journal?

Join the club. In our podcast ‘Trowel and Error’, we share our gardening fiascos and horticulture horror stories and try to take the perfectionism out of gardening and enjoy it for what it is: a series of mistakes and lessons that help us get better as green-fingered folk.

Episode 12: Root fruit ft. Martyna and Kyle – Lloyd(s) Park Trowel and Error – Gardening podcast

In this episode, you'll have the honour of meeting Laurence and Lili's partners: Martyna and Kyle. This week, follow this giggly foursome around Lloyd(s) Park in Walthamstow. They talk about plants and how Euphorbia characias looks a little like Shrek and Stachys byzantina really do feel like furry little lamb ears! This week there are no fails (apart from some of our jokes). Instead we answer a tonne of questions from listeners, including what to do with a weedy patch of 'lawn' in a new flat as well as what it's like to have a partner start an apprenticeship 'later on in life'. Check out Martyna's work around body acceptance, gut health and her amazing Squish Sunday campaign on Instagram at @martynatabat. Kyle and his Linkedin skills can be found on Twitter at @Kylio_Leaver. Happy listening and remember – wear suncream! Hello, fellow imperfect gardeners! Welcome to the #trowelanderrorpodcast, where horticulturalists Laurence and Lili share their gardening fiascos, hear other gardeners' hilarious horticultural blunders and try to take the perfectionism out of gardening. Send us any questions, garden fail stories and gardening victories to trowelanderrorpodcast@gmail.com or @trowelanderrorpod on Instagram. You can also check out our website at http://www.trowelanderrorpodcast.com. Please share, rate and subscribe!
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